Seatrek Marine Solutions Limited (Seatrek) helps to drive the upgrade of marine power systems and face the complexities of the oceanic condition by combining the Dynamic Positioning Systems of GE and Marine Diesel-engines (Generator sets) of Cummins. 






With the advanced industrial design and technology of GE and Cummins, rely on the brand resources of GE and Cummins and the ability of our own generator set factory, we are enabling today's industrial processes to evolve into a cleaner and more productive future.








Our technical team has rich experience in ship design and equipment system application, we can provide customers with early-stage technical consultation, customized equipment system solutions, and high-quality after-sales service.


Electric Propulsion System Solution: Dynamic Positioning systems (DP) + Power Generation + Electric Propulsion System

Vision of Enterprise: Customer-oriented, continuous innovation for development of the shipping industry.

Mission of Enterprise: Professional and efficient service creates the greatest value for customers’ each investment.






Continuous technological innovation is the mission and goal of the company and in order to achieve Net Zero Emission by 2050, SEATREK combines Cummins' and GE's technologies to provide the most sustainable solution for each project and we will implement our decarbonisation strategy in our Gensets with zero emissions as our goal.


SEATREK strives to create a dynamic work environment that attracts, develops and retains the workforce needed to succeed.