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I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent it.

---- Thomas Edison 



GE has been racing in the Marine industry for more than 100 years and has successfully accumulated 50 years of technical experience in the Dynamic Positioning market since the first DP systems were released to customers in 1971. During these 50 years, more than 1,000 vessels and offshore platforms have been equipped with the SeaStream Dynamic Positioning Systems supplied by GE, covering the full range of solutions from DP1 to DP3.


Creating a DP systems that is both professional and powerful is a goal that GE has been pursuing for the past 50 years. GE's answer is to put itself in the position of the operator, to find decision paths and controls that are easier for the operator to understand, i.e., to set itself up as a user before it becomes the designer of the system. This is what GE SeaStream is doing.





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Not all DP Systems are made for offshore platforms. Due to the specific nature of the environment and processes in which jack-up offshore platforms operate, it is extremely easy for normal marine dynamic positioning systems to overlook the following two error blind spots.


1)       Error disturbances during the up and down movement of the pile leg

During the 'raise-lower-raise' motion of the platform pile leg, the 'wind zone' above water and 'current zone' underwater of the vessel model created by the DP systems varies. If this variation is not considered by the DP control software, it may generate DP model errors during the movement of the pile leg and interfere with the accuracy of the positioning, resulting in a shift in the vessel's position.


2)       Positioning deviations due to neglect of position shifts due to changes in platform deck loadings

Offshore service platforms usually have large deck loads, which can change significantly as the platform operates and can lead to transient shifts in DP positioning, which are difficult to predict in the models set up.



But these distractions have been taken out of the equation with GE's latest generation SeaStream DP Systems, which includes exclusive features to meet the specific requirements of jack-up offshore service platforms. This functional block has been designed by GE in collaboration with the platform owners to develop a power positioning technology that is truly adapted to the operating environment and needs of offshore platforms. Now, let's see how these two error hazards can be eliminated with SeaStream:


1)       Every leg of the offshore platform is safe from the eyes of SeaStream

The SeaStream DP control software monitors the status of each leg of the offshore platform during the "raise-lower-raise" motion and provides measurements to the DP system via sensors or manual inputs, which are used to adjust the above-water wind zone and underwater current zone reference models set in the DP software. This is used to adjust the above-water wind zone and below-water current zone reference models set in the DP software. The DP operator is provided with a clear overview of the individual pile leg's height and load information and is provided with graphical recommendations to assist with operational decisions, guiding the operator to make a truly appropriate choice of DP lift control mode. The SeaStream DP control software will use special control algorithms to adjust the behaviour of the DP system accordingly to achieve a pre-determined goal, until the DP system automatically stops ordering position and heading changes once the pile leg has contacted the seabed.


2)       Even if the platform load changes SeaStream can handle it

The operator of the SeaStream DP systems can quickly transmit load change data to the DP systems to adjust the load profile in the DP software based on the actual changes in platform load. As the DP software learns to recognise the load profile, the pre-set algorithm model is adjusted to consider changes in position due to load increases or decreases, allowing for more accurate positioning.


It is important to note that while SeaStream can easily handle the risk of error during the positioning of an offshore platform, it does not create a more complex and advanced learning curve for the platform operator. Designed to be quick and easy to use, SeaStream knows which human-machine interface is best suited to the operator's operating habits.




In China, more and more jack-up offshore service platforms are turning to GE SeaStream

Jack-up offshore platform projects are becoming an important part of the many cases where GE SeaStream DP systems are used, and the following applications will help you to understand where GE SeaStream fits into the complex and special platform projects.



JUJIE 1600T Wind Power Installation Platform

HAILONG 1200T Wind Power Installation


图片包含 交通, 起重机, 水, 船



Nantong Xiangyu Shipbuilding&Offshore Engineering

China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu)


Installation of equipment for offshore wind farms of 20MW and above

Offshore wind farm foundation construction function

DP Systems




136.0 m

128.0 m


50.0 m

48.0 m





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If your offshore service platform is looking for a solution with the help of SeaStream DP, Seatrek, the exclusive agent in China, has successfully integrated GE's product and process design resources to provide customers with a one-stop solution from initial technical consultation, customised solution, after-sales training, and technical support.

In every application you work with Seatrek, you will experience GE's comprehensive service system: 1-to-1 communication, 24*7 technical response, daily maintenance progress follow-up, spare parts management, system training and monitoring, as well as other services.


GE SeaStream DP Systems

Simulation Training Station (Shanghai)




To help Chinese clients get the best experience, GE has set up a Power Positioning System Simulation Training Station at Seatrek for them to learn how to operate and use the system before the vessel is delivered. When you choose a GE SeaStream, you are deciding that you will own and operate it in its entirety.




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